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Monday, May 04, 2009, Monday, May 04, 2009

I've shifted !
but i wont be deleting this blog.
please relink me !!! thanks alot ! (:
here's my link http://sheisjessica.livejournal.com

Tuesday, April 28, 2009, Tuesday, April 28, 2009

YES ! PHOTO IS UP........ just a few . haha . just '' abit '' lazy to upload all photos , sy said we have taken 180 photos on that day. woah !!!! so if u guys interested to see the photo , please refer to sy blog , www.singyeeeee.blogspot.com , because she has successfully uploaded much of it. ( hey girl , help u promote ur blog also ) . haha . 2 days slept less than 6 hours , but it is all worth it , i've enjoyed myself so much for my birthday ! A VERY HUGE THANK YOU TO : sy , ailing , peijuan , robin ,kimberly , yoke , may , xinyu , huimin , kc , andy , jon , bennett , don , junfei. and of course fion, kahyuen , peixiang ,jiehui ,qiulin. though u guys are not present there , but i appreciate it. KY ! dun forget , u owe me a birthday meal. hehe . oh yah , have recieved a birthday present from the 6 of them plus xinyu n xinyuan , thanks for the gift yo ! but my birthday is not here yet , one more day to my official 18th birthday ! there's school on that day , hais . one more day !!!! (:

Sunday, April 26, 2009, Sunday, April 26, 2009

will update my advance birthday celebration photos soon ! (:

Saturday, April 25, 2009, Saturday, April 25, 2009

today was horrible , supposed to meet mund at 7.40 am , but i really really cannot dragged myself off the bed . text him and apologised that i can't meet him , next i text audrey that i wont be attending lecture in the morning .( thanks lovely audrey for the lect notes) This is rather the first time i can't wake myself up for sch. went to sch around 11am , late for FBfun lect. then macro lect. meet up with kim n ailing after that and headed to t1 . meet up with sy there and went to walk around, shopped. around 9pm plus , took the train and went to find AHDA !!!! vic, mund , nicole and shir. AH Da is somehow the zu jiao , miss so much , so long never see him already. as usual craps everywhere at astons. took photos ! really miss the sec sch days. still rmb our usual routine , 60 sec before bell ring for recess , we will just get off the chair and stand by at the door , countdown 5 4 3 2 1 , and chiong to the canteen , cos it's fried food day. really really miss those days.but we shall meet up soon yo people !!!!
i've long wanted to post something for all my darling colleagues. they are really great ppl . everyone asked me the same question'' hey , u studying now? aren't u intend to quit ur job?'' and my ans will always be the same '' i love my job , i never ever think of quitting it , i have awesome colleagues , i will only leave CO tamp if i'm terminate. '' this msg goes to my lovely tm peeps ! rina simon jas liyana dee eme yanni fatin fad sijia long sy shahrin, and many others more. LOVE YOU GUYS , u guys are always very caring and always help me when i need help , always the first . i still rmb jas telling me one thing , '' jess , if u are tired , u can ring me up i can see whther i'm free to help take over ur shift'' . simon who's really irritating and a joker , but nevertheless he always care for everyone, never fail . rina too , motivate me and she's the one who bring me up like this , she trained me in all sector , care for my everything. dee , who always motivate me and teach me the right thing ! really really love you guys , without you guys , CO tamp will not be as wonderful as it can be.and also thanks ebel for all her teaching in CO and make us a really lovely family that cares for one another ! though she's not in our outlet le , i do still miss her , and hope that she will be back to tamp again . CO TAMP ROCKS !!!! (:
i'm so looking forward to tmr ! i'll be seeing all my friends to celebrate my advance 18th birthday , hope to see everyone there . till now only two person cannot confirm . and they are my clique ppl ! u two , yes u two ! jon n px ! better show ur face in alps tmr . working tmr !!! then head to alps ! (:

Sunday, April 19, 2009, Sunday, April 19, 2009


Thursday, April 16, 2009, Thursday, April 16, 2009

hmm , there's too much things to update , i've no idea where to start! my computer was reformat . i'm unable to online due to reformatting. but it's done now. had been working and neglected lots of things such as FOC outing to sentosa , UNO outing , going out with sy n co & shir n co. i wanted to join those outing , however work is on. i have to neglect and sacrifice. besides that , i wanted to be part of nexo , just felt that it does not work out. looking at how kim n xinyuan blended into their empire friends just make me feel abit left out. i bet nexo 'gls n freshie dun even know i'm part of nexo . what's my piority now? i can't answer this question . besides that , sch is starting soon. i need someone to tell me what to do next and what is my piority?
oh yah , my new love , F480 thanks to ms lai.ky

Friday, March 13, 2009, Friday, March 13, 2009

THIS GONNA BE A VERY VERY VERY HUGE POST , so sorry that i didn't update my blog for so long , have been very very busy this few days or rather a month . School work was very very busy , project presentation test and stuff , work is tiring too but i still my job ! lol . alright ! i shall start with the lastest one ! which is hornists outing ,

Hornists outing is the most looking forward to outing ! we finally managed to find a date whereby everyone is free , disappointed that may is not around , as the outing is also plan part of her. 12 march is the day , as sp girl , srjc girl , tutor girl , ntu girl as well as tp girl is free! Rushed down to marina square hotpot culture to meet my girls after presentation. had buffet there , chocolate fondue ! the food were great and i will definitely be there again, i've sign up for membership too , went over to esplanade to give them their gift and we settle down at makansutra for a drink. we chatted for very long and we missed our train! , the only back home is by cab. i love my hornists ! they are the best , we have the same mindset that even next time when we are in or 20s or 30s or 40s..... we still will try our best to find a day to meet up for tea of stuff . i love my girls . they are always the best and the one whom can really talk to . LOVE HORNISTS XUEYING FION QIULIN JIEHUI MAY , and also my cute junior men.

NEXT UP IS MY POC PRESENTATION . my first formal presentation in tp . turn out fine , love my project group member too . Thanks kelly megan and felicia , though i'm know that i'm working , they will find a date whereby i can make it to attend , love you girls.
kel , me , ken
me n shir
me n kel
me n sab
me and xinning ( she's funny with the bow on that day la ! )
me n meg
fel and me

meg kel fel men = KFMJ

yes! it's the JAP PRESENTATION, our jap role play presentation was AWESOME ! we have alot of last min work and we always easily distracted when planning the whole role play . we even had our last rehearsal on the actual day less than 1 hour to our presentation. super rushed , but everything turned out so well , can't imagine , was smiling all the way, thanks to my awesome group rebecca shirlyn and damian. you guys rocks ! (: presentation was the last day of japanese cds , it finished so fast , i guess i've enjoyed alot in jap , thanks sensei for everything also .

UNO T01! with sensei , out jap teacher

Outing with singyee ailing kim and fion ! i just finished my camp and we visited the band , went to have lunch together and i rushed home to change and meet up with them again . headed to bugis to shop and i bought a sandal , started camwhoring at J.CO .

LASTLY ! it's the SEC ONE BONDING CAMP IN CVSS , went back to help out in their camp . we alumni have so much fun ourself i guess . though in between i rushed back to sch and back to camp again , i just can;t wait to go back to the camp , is also a so called gathering with my peeps, those ex student councillor in my batch , we managed to stay together again ! took alot alot of photo , but i uploaded a few only . I REALLY ENJOYED MYSELF IN THOSE 3 DAYS ! (: